Paul Ferris (du Fer) has worked on 33 pantomime productions and was Associate Producer on pantomimes at Guildford (four years), Crewe (seven years), Redhill (six years), Poole (two years), Windsor, Hackney Empire and Barnstaple.

Paul worked with such artists as Peggy Mount, Wayne Sleep, Frederick Pyne, Christopher Beeny, Lorraine Chase, Simon Parkin, Sandor Eles, Gorden Kaye, Barry Howard, Robin Askwith, Janet Dibley, Robert Powell, Kate O’Mara, Louise English, Dave Benson Phillips, Trevor Bannister, Rula Lenska, Lynette McMorrough, June Brown, Brian Cant, Wendy Craig, Denise Van Outen, Dennis Waterman, Patti Boulaye, John D Collins, Kathy Staff, Brian Croucher, Sarah Vandenbergh, Jeff Stevenson, Christopher Timothy, John Challis, Mark Speight, Mike Holoway, Linzie Hateley, Geoffrey Davies, Patrick Mower, Russell Porter, Ken Morley, Michael Elphick, Sue Devaney, Jean Rogers, Liza Goddard, Alex Langdon, Bob Carolgees, Peter Bowles, Sam Kelly, Issy Van Randwyck, Dora Bryan, Letitia Dean, Patrick Cargill, Paul Valentine, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Rosemarie Ford, Paul Shane, Melvyn Hayes, Mark Curry, Carmen Silvera, Paul Leyshon, Terrence Hillyer, Sonia and The Chuckle Brothers.

Paul has also worked as Company Manager on two seasons at the Thameside Theatre, Grays on productions of Cinderella and Snow White; a season at the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill on their production of Cinderella with Andrea McLean and Lloyd Daniels, a further season of Cinderella at the Theatre Royal, Margate and a season of Peter Pan at the Playhouse Theatre, Weston-super-Mare with Dean Gaffney and Gemma Bissix. In 2015/16 he worked on Cinderella at the Theatre Royal, Windsor.

2016/17 Paul worked on Jack & the Beanstalk at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham for Qdos Pantomimes, starring The Chuckle Brothers, Tony Maudsley and Chico.

For three years Paul worked on pantomimes at Cambridge Arts Theatre; Aladdin 2018/19 with Wayne Sleep and Liza Goddard; 2019/20 Cinderella and 2020/21 Dame Trott’s Panto Palaver.

2021/22 Cinderella at York Theatre Royal and 2022/23 Aladdin at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton.


aladdin grand wolverhampton will brenton zoe birkett paul ferris du fer pantomime
Aladdin – Wolverhampton
cinderella theatre royal york andy day max fulham paul ferris du fer
Cinderella – York
Dame trotts panto palaver cambridge paul ferris du fer
Dame Trott’s Panto Palaver – Cambridge
cinderella cambridge wayne sleep liza goddard kevin kennedy paul ferris du fer pantomime web
Cinderella Cambridge
aladdin cambridge paul du fer ferris wayne sleep liza goddard web
Aladdin Cambridge
jack and the beanstalk nottingham paul ferris
Jack and the Beanstalk Nottingham
cinderella windor paul ferris
Cinderella Theatre Royal Windsor
peter pan paul ferris weston super mare
Peter Pan Weston-super-Mare
cinderella margate paul ferris
Cinderella Margate
cinderella paul ferris
Cinderella Redhill Harlequin
cinderella guildford paul ferris
Cinderella Guildford
snow white redhill paul Ferris
Snow White Redhill
Snow White Grays Paul Ferris
Snow White Grays
Cinderella Grays Paul Ferris
Cinderella Grays
The Sleeping Beauty Poole Paul Ferris
The Sleeping Beauty Poole
The Sleeping Beauty Crewe Paul Ferris
The Sleeping Beauty Crewe
Puss In Boots Crewe Paul Ferris
Puss in Boots Crewe
Puss In Boots Barnstaple Paul Ferris
Puss in Boots Barnstaple
Peter Pan Guildford Paul Ferris
Peter Pan Guildford
Peter Pan Crewe Paul Ferris
Peter Pan Crewe
Jack And The Beanstalk Redhill Paul Ferris
Jack and the Beanstalk Redhill
Jack And The Beanstalk Poole Paul Ferris
Jack And The Beanstalk Poole
Jack And The Beanstalk Guildford Paul Ferris
Jack and the Beanstalk Guildford
Jack And The Beanstalk Crewe Paul Ferris
Jack and the Beanstalk Crewe
Dick Whittington Redhill Paul Ferris
Dick Whittington Redhill
Dick Whittington Crewe Paul Ferris
Dick Whittington Crewe
Cinderella Windsor Paul Ferris
Cinderella Windsor
Cinderella Redhill Paul Ferris
Cinderella Redhill
Cinderella Crewe Paul Ferris
Cinderella Crewe
Aladdin Redhill Paul Ferris
Aladdin Redhill
Aladdin Hackney Paul Ferris
Aladdin Hackney
Aladdin Guildford Paul Ferris
Aladdin Guildford
Aladdin Crewe Paul Ferris
Aladdin Crewe